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Fitness Accountability- Focusing on your goals


Brian Brown
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Fitness Accountability- Focusing on your goals

     In my opinion  accountability is the factor most important to being fit.  Now there are 2 types of accountability im talking about: workout accountability and nutrition accountability.  There are several effective ways to be held accountable.  You can hold yourself accountable, have a friend hold you accountable or theres even online sites that help hold you accountable for your workouts and eating. 
     When deciding to get in shape- you have to be fully committed to eating right and working out properly.  Hold yourself accountable to workout on schedule and to eat properly.  If you think this may be a problem - announce to friends and family what your goal is, ask them to help keep you accountable.
     Another great way is to find a workout buddy, preferably someone who has the same goals as you.  Ive trained hundreds of clients over the years and those who have a workout buddy tend to stay more focused than those who don't. 
     Of course, having a personal trainer is probably the most effective way to reach a fitness goal.  Personal trainers, like myself, not only walk you through the workouts, but hold you accountable to show up, complete the workouts and to eat properly.  I like to give my clients food journals, which they write down every single thing they eat.  If they don't show up to a scheduled appointment - im calling and texting them- holding them accountable. 
     Make working out part of your daily routine.  Would you skip brushing your teeth everyday?- then why skip working out or eating correctly?  Your physical fitness and nutrition are very important.  Your health is something that once it goes bad-its very hard to get it back.  Maintenance your body just as you would your car. You only have one body in this life- so take good care of it.
     Its easy to NOT workout.  Its easier to sit on the couch and watch t.v. than to take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.  We all have to find something that motivates us.  Whether its a dress you fit into 5 years ago or a picture of the body you want - keep that goal in mind and remind yourself of it often.  Try hanging the dress you want to fit into somewhere you will see it everyday.. or a picture of yourself when you were in better shape in your car.. keep your goal in mind and let it motivate you to succeed.
     Hold yourself accountable.  Have a friend hold you accountable.  Have a trainer hold you accountable.  Stay focused on whatever goal you have and don't stop until you achieve it.

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